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Meet Cute, part seven!

Part seven! A non-porny interlude because nice as it would be, you can't have kinky sex all the time.

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Jensen's work schedule? Sucked. Jared had thought that three 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. shifts per week, with a fourth every third week, would leave Jensen with plenty of free time. He'd thought wrong. Jensen went to bed at nine more often than not, and the nights he didn't were usually spent at the club. If it weren't for Jared's own flexible nine-to-five-ish job and seriously forgiving boss, allowing him to clock in at noon after a late night of playing or keeping Jensen company in the clinic, he had no idea how they'd be making it work. Shit, he wasn't sure how they were making it work now.

Well, the phone calls helped.

Jared's phone rang at quarter past six, the same as it'd done every time Jensen had had to work for the past few weeks. They'd usually chat through Jensen's drive home and dinner-making process, and sometimes through a half-watched episode of Sportscenter as well. The only thing that would've made it better was if he were at Jensen's place with him. Or Jensen were at his, either way.

Jared waited until Jensen's name flashed on the screen before he picked up. "Hi."

"Hey." Jensen drew the word out long enough Jared could tell he was halfway to sleeping already. "How's it going?"

"Not bad." Jared lay back on his couch and reminded himself three months was too early to ask Jensen to move in. "How 'bout you? Work okay?"

"Yeah. Long." Jensen yawned. "Think I'm gonna crash as soon as I'm home."

"You know, you could-" Jared hesitated, which was stupid because they'd had a bunch of sleepovers. Just none that didn't involve sex. "My place is closer."

Jensen laughed. "Like, five minutes."

Jared laughed too, but softer. He kind of wanted this to happen. "Yeah, well. You could still come over."

"I don't know," Jensen said, and Jared was nervous for half a second before he went on. "There's leftover pizza in my fridge. Can you compete with that?"

Jared nearly fell off the couch in his haste to get up and make sure the apartment wasn't too messy. "I could call that Chinese place."

Jensen groaned. "Oh, that's cheating." He let out a heavy sigh. "All right, call it in. I'll pick it up on the way."

"Not my fault you're so easy." Jared stacked a few errant dishes in the sink, then opened the drawer full of take-out menus. Great Wall's was on top, of course; Jensen was a big fan. "Sweet and sour pork again?"

"Definitely," Jensen said. "Shit, it's starting to rain. I'll be there in a bit, okay?"

"Okay, drive safe." Jared hung up and didn't even try to wipe the smile off his face before placing their order.


Half an hour later they were in front of the television, making their way through the pile of food in front of them and mostly ignoring the basketball game on TNT.

"Yeah, it's official," Jensen said, finishing off his second helping, "I'm moving over here. You can have my place, you like my shower better anyway."

Jared popped the last of his egg roll in his mouth. "Yeah, but my bed is bigger, and no way am I paying to have it moved again. But you're welcome to share it with me." He had to bite his tongue to keep from making the offer for real. Too soon, he reminded himself.

Jensen pretended to consider it. "Unlimited Chinese, and half a giant bed?" He shrugged. "I've heard better."

"Hey," Jared protested, wounded on his apartment's behalf. "I'll have you know, I also have a fridge full of beer and all three seasons of Arrested Development on DVD."

"Touché." Jensen picked up his bottle and tipped it at Jared. "I guess that makes it an offer I can't refuse."

"Damn straight," Jared said. "But if you're still on the fence, I could give the horse-head thing a try."

"You could try it," Jensen said, yawning, "but I don't have a horse."

"I bet it'd still be pretty effective," Jared said, then gave up on the whole inane conversation. "Hey, come here."

Jensen let himself be moved so he was stretched out alongside Jared with his back to the cushions, but made a noise of general disapproval into Jared's neck. "Dude, seriously, I'm wiped. No way I'm staying conscious long enough for any action."

Jared found an exposed patch of skin and pinched it. "I know that, jerk. No sex tonight, just cuddling."

"You're such a girl," Jensen said, and Jared pinched him again, harder this time. "Ow! Okay, seriously, no sex? Do I need to check your vitals?"

Jared slid a hand under Jensen's shirt to rest on his lower back. Jensen could say whatever he wanted, this was just as good as sex. "You just want to play doctor."

"Only if I get to be the patient. Preferably a comatose one," Jensen said, tangling one of his legs around Jared's.

"Ooh, silent and unresponsive. Hot," Jared teased, then marveled at their ability to veer off-topic. No wonder they rarely managed to discuss anything beyond safewords and limits. "But hey, no, I meant it."

"Meant we could play doctor?" Jensen smirked. "Pretty sure we already have."

"God, are you sure you don't want to play?" Jared asked, rolling them over so he was pressing Jensen down into the couch. "'Cause I think you're asking for it."

"Not tonight baby, I have a headache," Jensen said with a smug smile that Jared knew just how to wipe off his face, if Jensen would let him. If they had time. God, Jensen's schedule sucked.

"You are in so much trouble next time I get my hands on you," Jared said. He dove in for a quick, biting kiss, then pulled back enough to look Jensen in the eye. Jensen had to know he was serious. "No, I meant- you should do this more. Come by after work, stay the night."

Jensen stared up at him, unconvinced. "You want me to come over when I'm too tired to fuck, eat your food, and fall asleep while it's still light out?"

There was really only one answer to that. "Yep."

"Oh," Jensen said. "Um. Okay."

Jared laughed. It was good to know he wasn't the only occasional idiot in this relationship. "Come on, I know you've had boyfriends, it cannot be that weird that I want to hang out with you."

Jensen shook his head, turning the slightest bit pink. "No, yeah, I just- haven't had anyone serious since I started at the club. That used to be, uh, boyfriend time." He smiled apologetically. "I know I'm not much fun on work nights."

"See, that's where you're wrong," Jared said, climbing off the couch and pushing Jensen back to make room for both of them. "You just need to expand your definition of 'fun' to include spooning me while I watch the Wizards get their asses beat."

"Spooning? I was right, you are a girl," Jensen said, rolling his eyes, but he turned on his side and raised his arm for Jared to lie under.

"A girl who's going to beat your ass if you keep it up," Jared said, draping a blanket over them.

"Go in late tomorrow and you can do whatever you want to my ass."

Jared had been trying really, really hard, but he couldn't help the rush of blood to his dick at the thought of doing filthy things to Jensen first thing in the morning, leaving bruises and marks that would just be there as Jensen went about his day. "God, I am so taking you up on that."

"I hope so," Jensen said, then yawned again. "I think I'm gonna sleep now."

"Okay," Jared said. Truth be told, he probably wouldn't make it too much longer either, not with Jensen all warm and wrapped around him. "I'll carry you to bed later."

"Try it and I'll cut your balls off," Jensen said, but he moved in closer, lips pressed to the back of Jared's neck, so Jared figured he was bluffing.

Within ten minutes Jensen was out, breath washing warm and rhythmic over Jared's skin. Jared put the TV on mute so he could just- listen. Which was probably weird, but whatever. They spent most of their time at a club where people hit each other for fun. Weird was what they did.

So, yeah, three months was too early to ask Jensen to move in. Probably four months, too. But six months... six months was probably okay. And it wasn't so far off, now that Jensen's ridiculous schedule wasn't so much of a problem.

He gave Jensen's hand a squeeze and got an annoyed little grunt in return, followed by Jensen's arm locking tighter around his waist. Jared grinned. Yeah, he could definitely do this for a few more months.


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