coterminal (coterminal) wrote,

I don't like today

I've been awake for four hours and have had a horrific hangover for every minute of them. Fucking Mardi Gras. I want someone to call me just so I can tell them I find the sound of their voice grating and then hang up. Ugh, vodka, what did I ever do to you?

I just opened my googledocs to find a 30,000 word Harry Potter fic I have never seen before. So either vodka has a new, not entirely unwelcome side effect of causing me to write epic but awful HP fic in my sleep (it was espresso flavored vodka, so maybe?), or someone is missing their fic.

I'm reading this awesome book called You Are Not a Gadget by Jaron Lanier and it's fabulous and you should all read it too. More to come on this subject when I am finished with it and my brain doesn't feel like it's trying to escape my skull.

Question: What would be better, a Sam and Dean crossover with The Hunger Games, or a J2 one? I am torn, because Dean would so volunteer in Sam's place and would kick everyone's ass, but Jensen could be Jared's mentor and maybe also one of Snow's rentboys and teach Jared how to kick ass. I need both these fics in my life.
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