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I get my kicks below the waistline, sunshine.

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More kinkmeme fic: "Meet Cute", part 2!

Here's the promised second part of my fledgling spnkink_meme "Meet Cute" series - no individual titles as of yet, but I'm okay with that if you are.

Jared/Jensen, NC-17, warnings for various kinks including bondage, d/s, painplay, and boys being their slightly awkward, kinky selves. Continued from here (or here). You should read that part first. ;-)

ETA: Links to the other parts of the series:

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Jared texted Jensen the next afternoon: Where and when? Not that he'd mind having Jensen over to his place - he really, really wouldn't mind - but it was just a one-bedroom apartment, lacking both space and ambiance. And he really wanted those things, at least the first time.

Jensen texted back twenty minutes later: The club at 9? Got us a private room.

Jared's stomach flipped. No shit?

Jensen texted back: No shit. Perks of fucking an employee.

Jensen hadn't been kidding about the club fees. Jared had bought a basic membership as a graduation present to himself, and that only got him in the door. For access to the private rooms - and the private events - you had to be an Elite member.

Or, apparently, you could just fuck a hot nurse. Jared's life was awesome.


Jared knew the private rooms at the club were fully stocked. That was the point: having access to a far greater selection of toys and equipment than most people had at home, and being able to leave them for someone else to clean up when you were done.

He brought his own toys anyway. He had plans.


"Wow." Jared stopped just inside the room that would be theirs for the next few hours to look around. It was like something out of a porn shoot.

"I know," Jensen said with a wink, nudging Jared out of the way and closing the door behind him. "Nice, huh?"

"Yeah." Seriously. Jared had never seen half this stuff before. "You think they'd notice if anything, uh, 'went missing'?"

Jensen laughed. "Probably." He scratched the back of his neck, drawing Jared's attention to the cuffs once again buckled around his wrists. They were pretty, very fucking pretty, but they didn't have D-rings and therefore were not very useful at the moment. That was okay; Jared was looking forward to wrapping his own cuffs around those wrists.

"So," Jensen said, shifting his weight from foot to foot, "do you want the grand tour? It's been a while since I've been in here, but I think I can still-"

"Jensen," Jared said, putting just a little force in his voice, "come here." Jensen came closer, his eyes lowered so his gaze hit Jared's chest. "Let me see your hands." Jensen's eyes flicked up to Jared's face then, and he raised his hands so his palms were open to Jared.

Jared brushed his fingers over the dull black leather. It was soft, like it'd been snug around Jensen's wrists for years, drenched in sunlight and water. He touched his thumbs to the buckles closest Jensen's palms and waited for Jensen to say no. He didn't.

Jared slid the straps through the buckles with ease, pulled away the cuffs to reveal the slightly lighter skin of Jensen's forearms. He turned away to set Jensen's cuffs aside and grab the ones he'd brought with him from his bag. When he turned around, Jensen was standing just where he'd left him, arms out and palms up. Jared's stomach twisted. Jesus.

He stepped in close, as close as he could get to Jensen without touching. He wound one cuff around Jensen's left wrist, but stopped before closing it.


Jensen blinked. "Um. Red." A smile stole across his face. "I'm an old-fashioned boy."

Jared's fingers twitched at that. The only kind of boy he wanted Jensen to be was his.

Jared's cuffs were a little thicker than Jensen's had been, a little sturdier, and if he was a little rougher than necessary buckling them in place, Jensen didn't say anything. He just stood still and let Jared get him ready, not moving a muscle until Jared said, "turn around."

When Jensen turned, not a half-second after Jared'd told him to, he clasped his hands behind his back, in perfect position for Jared to hook them together. But Jared wasn't ready for that yet. Good as Jensen looked in his t-shirt, Jared wanted to see some skin.

"Up," he said, fingers slipping under the hem, and just like that, Jensen's arms were in the air. Lord have mercy, Jensen was good.

Jared moved closer, hips almost touching the curve of Jensen's ass. His knuckles brushed the small of Jensen's back and Jensen shivered, inhaled deep.

"Ready?" Jared asked, pressing the smallest of kisses to the nape of Jensen's neck. God, they hadn't even kissed, and Jared was going to make him cry.

Jensen nodded, and Jared pulled off his shirt, tossed it to the side. Jensen didn't drop his arms, and Jared didn't tell him to.

"Rules," Jared said, pulling Jensen back against his chest, letting his lips tickle Jensen's earlobe. "No kicking, biting, or spitting. You want to pretend you don't want it, fine. But don't make me fight you for it."

"Yes sir," Jensen said, and Jared bit down on his ear.

"Rule two: Don't call me 'Master.' You can use 'sir,' if you want, but I much prefer 'Jared.'" He slid his hand down the front of Jensen's jeans, and Jensen's hips jerked. "After all, you're here with me, aren't you?" Jensen gave a little whimper, and nodded. Jared kissed his neck. "Good boy. Hands."

Jensen crossed his wrists behind his back again, and Jared wasted no time before clipping them together.

He bent Jensen over a padded table, holding him down with one hand while the other unfastened Jensen's jeans and pushed them down around his ankles. Jensen wasn't wearing underwear, and his dick was hard and gorgeous, hanging down between his legs. Jared traced a finger down the shaft, base to tip, and Jensen keened.

"Not yet," Jared said, then did it again. And again.

When Jensen sounded like he might actually be getting close, just from Jared's fleeting touches, he sat back and divested Jensen of his shoes, socks, and jeans, then retrieved another, larger, set of cuffs from his bag,

"Keep you here," he said, words half-nonsense as he tied Jensen in place, legs spread wide, "keep you right here for me. Just like that. Good." Then he pulled something out of his bag that made Jensen gasp.

"Know what this is?" he asked, holding high the string of clothespins, fifteen of them spaced every half inch or so down a length of rope. Jensen nodded, eyes wide. "Ever used one?" Jensen shook his head. Jared grinned.

It was called a zipper, and it was one of Jared's favorite things. He imagined it might make a sound like a zipper when you pulled it off, a quick snick snick snick, but he wasn't sure because there was always too much shouting happening, drowning out the sound.

He clipped the first string in place, down the back of Jensen's right thigh. Jensen breathed heavily and grunted a bit and jerked at his cuffs, but he didn't complain. Not yet.

The second string went down the back of Jensen's left leg, and Jensen started whispering curse words, God and fuck and Jesus hell. But it wasn't until Jared started on the third strand, clipping the first pin to the soft, sensitive skin of Jensen's inner thigh, that Jensen cried out in pain, his shouts muffled as he tried to hide his face in the soft surface of the table.

By the time he finished the fourth string on the inside of Jensen's other thigh - fifteen clothespins, one after another in a pretty little row - Jensen was making useless, wordless noises and squirming what little he could.

"Shhh," Jared said, running his fingers over Jensen's dick, which had gone a little soft. "It's okay. You're okay." He thumbed the head of Jensen's cock at the same moment he flicked one of the clothespins, making it bob back and forth, and Jensen let out a low, distressed moan. "See? You're okay." Jensen was hard again and Jared released his dick in favor of tracing one finger over the line of pins on the inside of Jensen's left leg. It was like playing an instrument, Jensen's voice rising and falling as Jared worked his way from top to bottom and back again.

"It hurts," Jensen gasped out as Jared tweaked one of the pins, opening its jaws just a bit and then clamping it back in place. "Jesus fuck that hurts."

"I know." Jared did it again, picked a pin at random and then loosened and tightened it in quick succession. "I know it does." He continued on like that, pinching the clothespins open and close until Jensen was straining against his cuffs, going up on tiptoe to try to get away.

"Stop," Jensen sobbed, his hands clenched into fists and his cock still hard, "I can't- Jesus I can't, stop."

Jared cupped his free hand around Jensen's balls and squeezed, listened to Jensen's garbled cry and didn't let go until Jensen's legs started to shake. "Not gonna stop, sweetheart," he promised, and tugged on one of the strings, setting the whole line of pins in motion and making Jensen whimper.

Christ, but Jensen was fun. Jared was already planning what he'd do next time - he'd bet Jensen would love predicament bondage, struggling to stay on his toes to save his nipples or balls from being stretched beyond his tolerance.

He left the zippers alone for a bit - they'd work at Jensen's skin all on their own, bruising ever deeper while Jared played with other parts of his body.

Jared wrapped his hand around Jensen's cock and stroked it, slow enough he could be sure Jensen wouldn't come. "You didn't get off last night?"

Jensen shook his head.

"Or the night before?"

Jensen shook his head again, and Jared rubbed his thumb over the sensitive ridge just below the tip of Jensen's dick.

"Not since the night you met me?"

"No," Jensen whispered, trying to buck into Jared's fist but being brought up short by the table beneath his hips, "please."

"Please?" Jared stopped his movements, hand just curled around Jensen's shaft. "You want to come now?"

Jensen squeezed his eyes shut and nodded. "Please."

"Come on now," Jared said with a smile. "You can beg prettier than that."

Jensen whined, low and hungry, and his hands fought the cuffs holding them in place. "Please," he said again, and it was pretty, no doubt about that, but it wasn't nearly enough.

"Uh-uh, sweetheart," Jared said, pulling his hand away, "not gonna happen."

Jensen pouted and hid his face in the table again, but didn't protest.

The next item Jared retrieved from his bag was a simple bottle of lube. Sometimes fancy toys just weren't necessary. He slicked up his fingers and rubbed two of them over Jensen's hole. It only took a moment for Jensen to press back against him, silently searching for more.

He slid two fingers in at once, not waiting to stretch Jensen out. He'd wager Jensen liked the burn, the inescapable intrusion, anyway. When he felt Jensen's muscles start to go lax around him, he spread his fingers as wide as they'd go and listened to Jensen's slur of curse words.

"Come on," Jensen whined, "fucking hell, just fuck me."

"Not yet." Jared slid out his fingers and replaced them with his thumb, pressed gently against the sensitive ring of skin.

"God," Jensen breathed. "God, that feels good."

"Yeah?" Jared switched back to his fingers, guiding them in slow, spreading them just enough for Jensen to feel the burn. "You like that?"

"Yes." Jensen's eyes fluttered closed and he smiled. "God yes."

"Good." Jared kept rubbing, fucking Jensen with his fingers, letting him settle into the easy pleasure. Then he reached down with his free hand, took hold of the string of clothespins down the back of Jensen's thigh, and pulled.

Jensen screamed. His body went still and taut as he tried to cope with the pain, hands clenched into fists at the small of his back. "Oh my god," he said, "oh my god."

Jared smirked. "Ready for the next one?"

Jensen twisted his head around to look at him. "No!"

Jared clucked his tongue. "Too bad." He took the strand on the back of Jensen's other leg in hand and tugged, snapping off all fifteen pins in the space of a second.

Jensen screamed again, this time fighting the cuffs for all he was worth. "Don't," he begged, voice hoarse, "stop it, stop it, don't!"

"Shh," Jared soothed, dragging his nails over the tender, red skin where he'd just ripped the zippers off. He touched the top clothespin on Jensen's inner right thigh, clamped into that sensitive spot just under his groin, and Jensen shuddered.

"Don't," he whispered, "don't, please."

Jared paused, fingering the spot where the clip met skin. "What's that, baby?"

"Please," Jensen said again, eyes wide and desperate. "Don't. Please."

Jared ducked down to press a kiss to Jensen's hip, then yanked off the strand he'd been playing with and listened to Jensen howl.

"Stop," Jensen sobbed as soon as he had his voice under control, "stop, you have to stop, I can't-" he broke off, took several heaving breaths. "Please. Please."

"One more," Jared said, and took the last strand in hand.

"No!" Jensen twisted, pulled, got absolutely nowhere. "Jared, please!"

Jared pulled, and Jensen wailed, voice thick with tears.

"All done," Jared said, running his hands over Jensen's calves while he cried. "Good boy, you were so good, it's done now." He waited for Jensen to quiet, laying kisses all along the angry red marks lining Jensen’s skin.

Jensen finally went silent, save for a few hitched breaths, his body relaxed and pliant where he lay. Jared would think they were done, except neither of them had come. He wondered if Jensen had even noticed. A quick peek between Jensen's legs told him yeah, Jensen had noticed: he was still hard, dick thick and leaking between his legs.

"Come here," he said, unhooking Jensen's legs from the table and guiding him to the floor. He didn't bother releasing Jensen's hands, just laid him on his back and knelt between his legs. Jensen's eyes were glassy, almost absent, and his lips were bitten pink and raw. Jared wanted to kiss them, wanted to kiss Jensen, but he wasn't sure that would be okay. Kinky sex was one thing, but kissing was… something else.

He smiled instead, trailed his knuckles along the seam of Jensen's balls, drawn up tight against his body. "I believe I promised you an orgasm."

Jensen smiled at that, came back to reality a little. "That you did." He canted his hips a bit. "Still want me to beg for it?"

Jared shook his head. "Not this time. You just sit still like a good boy and I'll take care of it," He bent down and took Jensen's cock in his mouth, sucked it slow and messy and deep while he jacked himself off. It was funny; he'd definitely planned on fucking Jensen tonight, or at least getting a blow job. But this was good, too. Maybe even better, taking his time and appreciating the sounds Jensen was making, the sight of his stomach flexing as he tried to force his dick faster, deeper into Jared's mouth.

He pulled off when he could tell Jensen was close, finished him off with his hand and watched streaks of come spatter across his chest. Jared's orgasm crashed through him seconds later, when Jensen bit his lip and craned his neck and Jared realized he never wanted anyone else to ever get to see this. He wanted Jensen to be his.

When Jared opened his eyes again, Jensen was looking up at him. "Hi," Jensen said.

Jared blinked. "Hi."

"So that was fun," Jensen said, glancing down at their bodies.

It was. Jared wanted to do it again pretty much now. And then hourly for the rest of his life. "Uh-huh."

There was a glint in Jensen's eye, one that Jared was already beginning to suspect meant you're kind of an idiot, aren't you? "So you gonna let me go?"

"Oh shit." Jared scrambled to his feet, helped Jensen sit up and released the clip holding his hands together. "I'm so sorry, orgasms make me kind of stupid. Are you okay? Do you need anything?"

"Come here, you utter moron," Jensen said, and tangled his hands in Jared's hair to bring him in for a long, rough kiss.

"Now," Jensen said when they broke apart, "you can buy me dinner."

"Deal," Jared laughed, and kissed him again.


TBC? Maybe Yes!

(TBC? Maybe!)


LIKE! Yes, continue!

Most excellent!! More please.


there's more, right? y/y?! *crosses fingers*


Jeesus. Just... Omg. You killed me. Seriously.

I'm so sorry, orgasms make me kind of stupid.

Lol! Oh, Jared is adorable.

Also? Oh my GOD. *thud*