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I get my kicks below the waistline, sunshine.

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"Meet Cute", part three!
"Meet Cute" part three, wherein shit gets real. (I don't know, I'm making this up as I go along.) Anyway, read on to find more kinky J2 goodness, though there's a little more conversation, a little less action this time around. (Previous parts here and here.)

ETA: Links to the whole series:

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Jared liked knowing what got Jensen off. Not just the big, obvious things like being tied up - anyone who spent more than eight seconds with Jensen could pick up on that one - but the little things, the ones even Jensen would forget to name if he were writing out a list of his kinks. (Someday Jared was going to make him do just that - Jensen wasn't super into humiliation, but there was something about the shame of admitting his kinks that pushed his arousal to a fever pitch.)

Jensen, for example, had a thing for Jared's belts. Not using them - Jensen wasn't into whippings, and belts made for unreliable bondage - but just knowing they were there. Jared took Jensen out to a bar one night with his shirt half-tucked into his jeans, showing off the leather slung low on his waist. Jensen had been unable to keep his hands to himself, slipping his fingers under the belt every time Jared leaned in close. By the time they'd left, Jensen was drunk on want and tequila and begging to suck Jared's dick. Jared'd tied his hands behind his back and fucked his mouth, pants barely unzipped and hanging open, and Jensen had come without so much as a touch.

Even more than that, though, Jared liked knowing what didn't get Jensen off. And not just because it made him a better lover, though that was good too. No, it was because when Jensen didn't like something, there was almost always a reason, an explanation that revealed just a little bit more of what made Jensen Jensen and not just another pretty face.

Like how Jensen refused any sort of breath play ever since a play party four years earlier where someone had gone into cardiac arrest. Jensen had been tied up at the time, and his shouts to let him go because he was a nurse, damnit, had been lost in the chaos and confusion. He'd stayed away from the scene for months after that, only returning when one of the Playhouse managers (who, it turned out, was a friend of Jensen's) agreed to keep medical personnel on staff at all times. So yeah, Jared might have liked to strap Jensen into a gas mask, pinch off the breathing tube and watch him panic and struggle for air, but that wouldn't have been nearly as good as sitting low on his couch, two beers in his belly and another in his hand, listening to Jensen tell that story with a sort of distant, detached passion. Not nearly as good.

Which was why, when Jared pulled out the collar he'd been dying to see around Jensen's neck and Jensen said no, sight unseen, he couldn't even bring himself to feel disappointed.

But that didn't mean he couldn't feel confused. Because really, they'd talked about this, sort-of. Joked about it, at least.


"No," Jensen said again, more firmly than Jared had ever heard him say anything. "Red. No."

"Okay." Jared dropped the collar back into his bag. He wasn't sure what to do next. Jensen had his arms crossed over his chest and Jared wanted to pull Jensen into his bed, hold and kiss him until Jensen knew that whatever was on his mind, it wasn't a problem. But that was kind of boyfriend territory, and Jensen wasn't Jared's boyfriend - though Jared was holding the position open for him, in case he wanted it one day.

"Sorry," Jensen said, looking extremely uncomfortable. "It's not, I mean, I know I said-"

"Dude, it's fine." Jared understood; collaring was a big deal for a lot of people, a commitment on par with marriage vows. He just hadn't thought Jensen was as formal as all that. "I get it."

"No, it's not like that." Jensen's eyes flicked to the bag that held the collar. "Really, it's not."

"Then what's it like?"

"They- when I-" Jensen licked his lips, a pink tinge spreading over his cheeks. "I have a hard time saying no."

Jared raised an eyebrow. "Did all right just now."

Jensen shook his head. "Not- when I'm wearing one, I mean." He stole another glance at the bag, and Jared would swear he was breathing faster, harder. "I just- I can't think, and I forget that I can, and it's…" He stopped, staring at Jared with wide eyes.

"Scary?" Jared finished for him, moving until he was right up in Jensen's personal space. "Knowing you don't have a say?" He brushed his hand over the front of Jensen's jeans and was not at all surprised to find Jensen hard beneath them. "Hot?" His other hand circled Jensen's neck; not squeezing, just spanning his fingers around as much of Jensen's skin as he could. "Knowing you can't stop me?"

"Jared," Jensen said, already close to pleading. "Jared, I can't…"

"I know," Jared said. He kept his hand in place, rubbed his thumb over the spot below Jensen's ear. "I won't." He laid a kiss on Jensen's lips. "But I think you want me to."

"Jared." Jensen clutched at Jared's hips, pushed further into his touch.

"What are you afraid of?" Jensen was trying to get closer, but Jared held him at arm's length. "What do you think I'll make you do?"

"Anything." There was a sort of awe in Jensen's voice. "Jesus, you could- anything."

"I could," Jared said evenly, "but I don't need the collar for that, do I?"

Jensen swallowed, and Jared could feel it against his hand.

"Is there anything I could ask," Jared pressed, "that you wouldn't do anyway?"

It took a few moments for Jensen to answer, but when he did, the word he spoke was, "no."

Jared removed his hand from Jensen's throat, slid it around to cup the nape of his neck. "Then we don't need the collar," Jared said, and pulled him in for a kiss.


Continued here!

Good God. *melts*

Sweet and very hot at the same time. Great job! Hope to read more soon.

*swallows thickly* How is it possible for something so relatively unporny to be so freaking hot? *fans self* Wow...

You did a really great job with this. I like Jared's reasoning for wanting to know what doesn't get Jensen off. Great logic. And the whole part about not needing the collar was sweet in a D/s kind of way.

This was a great series to read.

Thanks for sharing!

I love all your stories so far, they are ridiculously hot! Mind if I friend you?

Excellent display of the power exchange, the dynamics and the fact that both are real type of people too (i'm so sick and tired where all Tops are hard core control freaks and all bottoms are mousy wankers.) Sexy hot.

Oh, Iove this! Love them. ♥

That amount of trust is crazy hot.