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Blindfold repost the second: "Quiet Night"

Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Word Count: ~1500
Warnings: D/s, gags, mentions of other kinks
Notes: For this blindfold_spn prompt: "Wincest or J2, one of the boys gagged for foreplay/sex. Can be either one of them and can be any kind of gag as long as it FILLS his mouth. Bonus points for details about how it looks, how it feels, how he sounds with it, etc. There should be lots of noise!!"

When Jensen gets the text message - quiet nite 2nite? - he goes hard so quickly he's surprised he doesn't pass out from lack of oxygen to his brain.

Jared hates being gagged- it hurts his jaw, makes him drool, and pushes him into a deeper state of submission than he's totally comfortable with. But Jensen loves gagging him. He loves the way it makes Jared look, sweet and vulnerable and dependent, loves even more the way it brings Jared to his knees without a fight. It's pretty much his favorite thing.

So Jared, being the amazing boyfriend that he is, lets Jensen have a 'quiet night' every once in a while, where Jensen's allowed to strap a gag on him and do pretty much whatever he wants. And tonight is one of those nights.

Jensen texts back, can't wait, and tries to decide which gag he wants to use.


When Jensen gets home he finds Jared trying to fit a case of beer into their already stuffed fridge, and pulls him into a deep kiss before he even says hello.

"Really?" he asks after he tears himself away.

Jared flushes and looks away. "Yeah. I mean, we're free all weekend, and it's been a while, so- yeah."

It has been a while - over two months since the last time, longer than Jared usually makes him wait - but Jensen doesn't mind. Jared could easily say no and Jensen wouldn't argue, wouldn't even mind - their sex life is fantastic with or without the 'quiet nights.' The fact that Jared not only lets him have them, but have them every month or so? Jensen is not looking that gift horse in the mouth.

"Can I-" Jensen glances at the clock. Six thirty. "Now?" Since they don't do this all that often, Jared usually lets him have the whole night.

"Oh," Jared says, like the question takes him by surprise. "Um. Yeah, okay." He laughs a little. "Which one are you going to use?"

Jensen's been thinking about that all day. "Come on," he says, taking Jared's hand and leading him to the bedroom.

His favorite's the cock gag; just knowing that Jared's mouth is filled with hard, unyielding cock, tongue forced against the false veins and ridges, makes Jensen desperately hard. But good as that visual is - and it's very good - it's not quite what he wants tonight.

"Turn around," he says softly. When Jared does, he opens the closet to find their standard red ball gag. It's nothing special - a little larger than normal, because Jared's mouth is just as big as the rest of him - except for the hasp that allows the straps to be locked into place. He hasn't had many chances to use the locking mechanism - Jared took a while to be okay with it - but tonight he wants to. He wants to trap Jared in his helpless silence and make sure he can't escape.

From the way Jared tenses ever-so-slightly at the sight of the gag, Jensen guesses he knows what's coming. Jensen waits a moment, giving Jared time to say no - he wants Jared to want this, even if Jared finds his own desire unsettling - and when he doesn't, Jensen maneuvers the gag into his mouth and locks it in place.

The effect is instantaneous - Jared looks smaller, sadder, needier, like he's lost and only Jensen can show him the way. He never knows what to do with himself when he can't speak, always needs Jensen to take control so he won't work himself into a silent frenzy. Sometimes, Jensen will slip into the dominant role and tell Jared exactly what to do; others, he'll tie him so there's nothing he can do.

Tonight, Jensen wants Jared free, so he guides him to the living room and takes a seat on the couch. "Come here," he says, just the slightest bit of force in his tone, and spreads his legs for Jared to sit between.

Jared comes at once, relaxing into Jensen's arms with a sigh. Jensen raises a hand to Jared's face, brushes his fingers over the leather strap on his cheek before tangling them in Jared's hair. He's not going to want sex for a while- scratch that, he wants sex now, but he wants to enjoy this more- and he wants Jared to be just as worked up as he is when the time finally comes. He scratches his nails against Jared's scalp, tugs gently on his long hair - anything to start the slow spread of arousal through Jared's body.

Jared whimpers on one harsh pull, tilts his head back to expose his bare throat, and looks up at Jensen with wide, pleading eyes. It makes Jensen's breath catch and sends a bolt of lust straight to his groin.

"Look at you," he whispers, tightening his hold on Jared's hair to keep him in place. Jared's eyelids flutter and his hips shift and Jensen wonders how the hell he missed this. "You wanted this, didn't you? Wanted it so bad, but you waited, made me wait." He rubs his free thumb over one of Jared's sensitive nipples, delights in his urgent, muffled moan. "You know you can have this anytime," he says. "Anytime you want, I'll take care of you."

Jared whimpers again and pushes up his hips, the stiff line of his cock obvious through his pants, and Jensen has to laugh. "So greedy," he says, pinching Jared's nipple hard enough to make him jerk. Nothing gets Jared going like a little bit of pain. "You think I should give in right now? After you made me wait so long?" He pinches Jared's nipple again, holding on this time until Jared starts to writhe in his lap. "Why'd you do that, hmm? Didn't want me to know you liked it?" Jared makes a rough noise and tries to turn his head away, but Jensen holds fast to his hair so he can't. "Were you ashamed, baby?"

Jared's eyes fall shut and, after a moment, he nods.

"Okay," Jensen says, soft and reassuring. He kisses Jared's cheek, bottom lip hitting the gag strap, then nips gently at Jared's earlobe. "It's okay baby, you don't have to be ashamed. It's okay to like it." He bites down again, a little harder, and Jared shivers all over, hands clutching at Jensen's thighs.

Jensen relaxes his hold on Jared's hair and moves his hands to cover Jared's, twining their fingers together. "What is it?" he asks. "You like being out of control? Letting me make all the decisions?" He nuzzles Jared's neck, feels the tiny padlock brush cold against his skin. "You like not having a say?"

Jared whines in the affirmative, body straining upward as though there's some friction to be found.

"Now, now," Jensen scolds, gripping Jared's hands tighter, "none of that. You'll come when I let you and not a minute before." He drops his voice, fills it with all the heat that's building inside him. "Try it and the gag stays in all weekend."

Jared keens, whole body going taut with want. Any other night and he'd be begging, but not tonight. Tonight he can't even hope his pleas are pretty enough for Jensen to give him what he wants.

"Shh," Jensen says, smiling. "Not yet. We have a movie or two to watch first, don't we?"

The noise Jared makes indicates he does not agree, but he doesn't argue. He can't.

Jensen settles in to watch whatever's on HBO this week and brings one hand back up to Jared's hair. His plan had been to play with Jared for a while, get him nice and relaxed and turned on, but the plan's changed now that Jared doesn't need to be coaxed into wanting this. Now the plan is to work Jared up as much as possible, make him regret every moment he kept his newfound kink a secret.

He starts off slow, using the same little tugs and scratches as before, and Jared responds like a dream. He's breathing hard and moaning, hips already in constant motion, eyes closed and face slack with bliss. Jensen kind of wants to tie him down, snap a cock ring on him, and see how long it takes for Jared to get so desperate he cries. But he doubts Jared's ready for that.

Instead, he tugs a little harder on Jared's hair, listens gleefully to the pained gasps that Jared sucks in each time. After a while he gets his other hand in on the action: teases his fingertips over the length of Jared's cock, reaches under Jared's shirt to score his nails over Jared's ribs, twists and pulls at Jared's hard nipples.

Jared shakes and groans through it all, body moving every which way to get more, less, whatever Jensen will give him. He looks debauched and beautiful: coated in sweat, spit dripping down his mouth and chin, a wet spot on his jeans where his precome's soaked through. Jensen would cover that spot with his mouth and suck if he didn't know it'd get Jared off like a rocket.

He'd meant to keep this up throughout the whole movie, he really had, but less than half an hour in he just can't take any more. Jared's making this humming noise over and over that doesn't make sense but Jensen can tell means "please, please please please please please please please" and Jensen's about to come in his pants just from listening to it.

"Down," he says roughly, pushing Jared to his knees. "Facing me. Hands behind your back."

It takes Jared a minute to comply, starry-eyed with want as he is, but he gets into position before Jensen has to tell him again. And fuck, but Jared looks gorgeous like this: mouth propped helplessly open, eyes glazed, need pouring off him in waves. Jensen's going to make him do this every day from now on.

"Christ," he mutters, opening his fly as fast as he can. Once he's got his fist around his cock he reaches out to touch Jared- slips his fingers under the gag strap to feel the grooves where it's dug in to Jared's skin, traces the wet circle of Jared's lips, follows the line of leather around Jared's head until he lands on the pretty little padlock hanging there. "Fuck."

Three strokes is all it takes; three solid strokes up and down his cock and he's coming, spraying white all over Jared's perfect, desperate, silent face.

"Jesus," he breathes, collapsing back against the couch. He looks down at Jared, who's still hard and kneeling, and debates making him wait a while longer before Jared lets out a sad little whine that Jensen can't deny.

"Up," he beckons, and Jared scrambles to obey. "Keep your hands behind your back."

When Jared's in place - on his knees straddling Jensen's lap - Jensen places his palm over the bulge in Jared's jeans and squeezes a little. "Like this," he says. "I want to watch you fuck my hand 'til you come in your pants."

Jared does as he's told, groaning as rubs up against Jensen's hand. It's awkward and probably not what Jared really wants, but less than a minute later Jared's jerking and coming, no sound at all escaping his gagged mouth.

"Good," Jensen soothes when Jared falls against his chest, boneless and breathing heavily. "Good." He's probably getting sweat and come all over his shirt, but he doesn't really care. When Jared finally sounds calm, Jensen leans back a bit to look at him, smiling. "Well that sure took the edge off, huh?"

Jared's eyes go very wide.

"What?" Jensen asks innocently. "You didn't think we were done, did you?" He presses a kiss to the sloppy-wet corner of Jared's mouth and makes no move to clean up the mess all over his boyfriend's face. "We've got all night."

Jared groans and buries his face in Jensen's neck, but beyond that he doesn't protest. He can't.

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