coterminal (coterminal) wrote,

Blindfold fic repost the third: "Bedroom Noise"

Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Word Count: ~500
Warnings: Bondage, orgasm denial, gags, fucking machine
Notes: For this blindfold_spn prompt: "Jared's tied to the bed naked, desperate and writhing, while Jensen is fucking him with a dildo. Jensen is fully dressed and completely calm, possibly even reading a script or some such other activity at the same time to bring out the contrast between their two states."

The room's not silent, not by a long shot, but the sounds Jensen can hear - the whirring of the machine, Jared's soft grunts on each stroke - are low and rhythmic enough that they've almost faded into the background. He's done so well at blocking them out, in fact, that it isn't until Jared lets out a particularly pained "Jensen" that he looks up from the script in his lap and realizes he hasn't checked on him in close to forty minutes.

He sets the script aside and moves to the foot of the bed. Jared tries to track his movements but with the way he's tied, wrists and ankles to the spreader bar and shoulders pushed to the bed, it's impossible to see all the way behind him. He buries his face in the mattress instead, whining deep in his throat when Jensen touches the swollen-red rim of his hole.

"You all right?" he asks. Jared looks all right, maybe a little dry; Jensen adds some lube to the thick silicone dildo working itself in and out of Jared's ass.

"Jensen please," Jared begs, voice muffled against the sheets.

"That's not an answer." Jensen slides his hand between Jared's legs, runs his fingers along the hard length of Jared's cock. Jared mewls, tries to buck into Jensen's touch, but all he does is impale himself further on the fake cock.

Jared turns his head to the side again, takes one full, shuddering breath after another. "Yes," he says, the word brittle and sad. "But please, please-"

"One more word and I'll gag you," Jensen warns. He gives Jared's dick a squeeze, lets go before Jared gets any thoughts in his head about coming. He should probably get a cock ring on him, actually. He steps back, adjusts the settings on the fucking machine so it slides in an inch more than before. Jared groans as he realizes what Jensen's done, puts up a token struggle against the cuffs holding him bent over and ass-up, but quickly resigns himself to the ever-deeper battering of his ass. "You're the one who wanted to spend the day in bed," Jensen reminds him with a sharp slap to his thigh.

"I can't," Jared protests. "Jensen, I can't."

"Of course you can," Jensen says as he fishes a cock ring out of the nightstand. "You don't have a choice." On the way back around the bed, Jensen grabs his tie from the day before - he did say one more word. "Open up."

Jared's eyes land on the tie and the ring and go very wide. "Jensen please," he babbles, like he's trying to get in every word he can, "just let me come, just once. I can't go all day like this, you have to let me come, please."

"Open," Jensen says again. Jared closes his eyes, raises his flushed face as much as he can manage, and opens his mouth.

Jensen wraps the tie twice around Jared's head and between his teeth, pulling it tight so it tugs at the corners of Jared's lips. It's crude and not at all efficient - won't suppress a sound, won't stop Jared from speaking - but it's insanely hot and Jared's going to sound so sweet when he tries to beg through it.

He snaps the cock ring around Jared's dick and balls, gives Jared a few strokes that have him as hard as possible and shaking with it. Then, he turns to the fucking machine.

Currently, the machine is parallel with the floor, but with Jared bent over the way he is each thrust does nothing more than make him feel raw and used. So Jensen raises the base, lowers the angle, and ratchets up the speed two notches.

Jared lets out a high-pitched wail as the dildo first brushes his prostate, the sound mellowing to helpless little whimpers as the silicone cock churns in and out of his body. His dick twitches with every pass, ever-hopeful and ever-denied, and his balls are hard and tight, so ready to release their load Jensen can't resist giving them a few little pats.

Jensen checks him over, adds a little more lube to the dildo - he's got things to do, can't be coming over here every couple of minutes - and returns to his seat. The background noise is a little louder now, a little less easy to ignore - Jared's still whimpering away, but it won't be long before he's past the humiliation of trying to speak through the gag and begging in earnest - but he'll manage. He's got a half-dozen scripts to read, twice that many emails to send, and contract revisions to sign off on. He can't afford to spend the day doing anything but working.

Besides, it's not like Jared's going anywhere. He'll be right there, willing and ready, whenever Jensen wants him.
Tags: fic, jared/jensen
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