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I get my kicks below the waistline, sunshine.

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Film rec: The Dreamers
I would think, given the subject matter of this film, that it'd be a fandom favorite, but I'm not sure that it is? Which is really too bad, because it's brilliant and enthralling and very hot.

The story: An American student in Paris (Matthew) befriends a set of fraternal twins (Isabelle and Theo), bonding with them over their shared love of all things cinematic. Matthew, both unsettled and intrigued by the twins' all-but-incestuous relationship (they kiss, sleep together naked, and play humiliating sexual games) and completely infatuated with the two of them, comes to stay with them while their parents are away and lets himself get sucked into their strange little world.

I absolutely adore this movie. The twins' relationship is fascinating; as a Wincester especially, I love the idea of siblings who are in love with each other but refuse to take that final step and become lovers. I love the idea of them finding a third to act as a sexual proxy, someone pretty and eager and manipulatable. And I love how torn Matthew is between taking that role, trying to be the third piece of their twisted puzzle, and wanting to live in the real world.

Also: there's an almost unbearably hot sex scene (the film's rated NC-17, y'all) where Theo holds Matthew down as Isabelle strips him. That scene alone makes the movie more than worth watching. (If only more het porn would like this, I wouldn't be watching exclusively m/m porn vids.)

Nnngggghhh, watch it!

I haven't heard of this before. But you've convinced me to watch it, now I just need to find it online somewhere...

Oh, I hope you do find it! It's definitely worth a watching. And I hope you like it. *crosses fingers*

I found it! And I liked it, it was very interesting. And you were definitely right about the hotness of that scene.

Yay! I'm so glad. I was worried you'd hate it and think I had the most awful taste, lol.

And I'm happy you agree about that scene. Yum. :D

(Deleted comment)
Oh no! Yeah, I sometimes forget there are people who go "do not want!" for the same reasons I go "want want want!" at movies and such. I can see how the film would squick you out - definitely not for everybody.

Hey, have you seen this? Right up your alley! :D

(Deleted comment)
I haven't seen one, but I would definitely read it if there were!

Honestly, I couldn't. I have read a few fics where Sam and Dean share girls to not-quite-fuck each other, but it's always an unspoken, shameful thing. I can't see them playing all-out head games like this.

(I figured you had! I'm trying to fill one right now. mmm, porn stars...)

(Deleted comment)
Hey! You're supposed to be squicked by incest, not enabling it! :P

I totally know. Amateur porn AUs are the best. And I'm trying to fill this one, if I can get myself to finish/post it.

Sorry, I'm not on your flist, I was just popping by looking for fic, but I saw this post and had to comment. The Dreamers is one of my favourite films, it's just beyond amazing, the dynamics between the three, the sexual relationships, the social backdrop and that start with Mathew talking about all the real film-o-philes haveing to be as close to the screen as possible. And uh that scene where Louis Garrel's character jerks off against the wall, and punches his fist into - Damn!

Have you see Y Tu Mamma Tambien, it's one I'd reccomend if you liked The Dreamers?

Hi! No worries, everyone is welcome here. :D And yay for another person who shares my unadulterated Dreamers love! I want to friend you just for that. Isn't it just amazing? That jerking off scene is- yeah, so jarring and emotionally resonant, I love it. (And heh, I want to go watch the whole thing again right now!)

I have seen Y Tu Mama Tambien, and love that as well - male/male friendship bleeding over into sexual intimacy is one of my favorite themes. But I think that's a little more well-known, so I wasn't sure it even needed a rec? Certainly everyone should see it though.

Anyway, thank you for stopping by, I do hope you enjoyed the fic! ♥

I was actually just dropping by to read Meet Cute again *hides*

And umm *friends* because you clearly have wonderful taste in films and the fic is awesome.

Aw, that's adorable. :D (Also, I have the next part like 87% written - poke me if it's not up by the end of the weekend)

Yay! *friends back*

Thanks for the rec. I enjoyed it. I wish I knew if they survived. Speaking French would have enhanced the experience. Thanks again.