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Meet Cute, part five!

Part five of the spnkink_meme "Meet Cute" series. Sorry for the delay; this part was getting really long (by my standards anyway) so I'm posting the first bit now and I'll follow up with the rest as soon as it's done. (Note: this part follows directly after part four.)

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In the past two months, Jared had been to Jensen's apartment four times. Once was the breath play incident, and he'd fallen asleep on Jensen's couch after they'd put away a twelve-pack between them; twice he'd gone home after they were done playing, and the fourth time he'd meant to, but he'd been exhausted and comfortable, holding Jensen through some well-earned aftercare, and the next thing he knew it'd been daylight.

So even though Jared had been here before, it felt like uncharted territory. He had no idea what he was supposed to be doing. He was pretty sure they weren't going to scene: they were both tired, and tired equaled sloppy, and sloppy was dangerous. Of course he knew it was possible to have sex with someone without smacking them around first; it was just that he and Jensen hadn't. So, yeah. Uncharted territory.

"Did you want to make some coffee?" he suggested as Jensen hung his jacket in the closet.

Jensen gave him the 'you're a little slow, aren't you?' look. "It's four in the morning."

"Right," Jared agreed, because it was. "So, uh. Bed?"

Jensen was still giving him that look. "We could watch TV, but your choices are pretty much limited to infomercials and Mad About You reruns."

Jared pretended to consider that. "I do need a new Foreman grill, now that you mention it."

Jensen punched him in the arm as he walked by. "You would put food over sex."

"I would never," Jared protested, following him. Jensen was hotter than the sun and let Jared tie him to things. Jared would fast for weeks to keep having sex with him.

Jensen's room was on the small side and just a little messy - bed unmade, clothes strewn here and there. It was warm and cozy and no one would ever have suspected that there was a foot locker under the bed stuffed full with sex toys.

"You want some scrubs to sleep in?" Jensen asked as he pulled off his shirt.

"Uh," Jared said, distracted as always when Jensen got naked. "No thanks." He put off too much body heat to wear anything but his underwear to bed.

"Okay." Jensen finished undressing and put on a pair of scrub pants and wow, Jared hadn't been wrong earlier when he'd said Jensen would have made a hot doctor. Jensen would have made an extremely hot doctor. Though Jared doubted the lack of shirt would go over well in the operating room.

Jensen started taking off his wrist cuffs next, his fingers working the little buckles, and Jared abruptly remembered the other reason he'd come over.

"So," he said, "are you tired?"

Jensen quirked an eyebrow at him. "Dude," he said with a laugh, "you are not subtle."

Jared refused to blush. "You're the one who said I was getting laid tonight."

"True." Jensen smoothed the buckles back in place, dropped his arms to his sides and looked up at Jared. "What did you have in mind?"

Jared looked at him and tried to decide what he wanted. The options were basically endless: Jensen had the supplies to do pretty much anything short of suspension, and he'd agree to whatever Jared suggested.

"Any requests?" Jared said. Jensen almost never asked for anything, not unless Jared made him. He liked to be surprised. Which was handy, because Jared liked surprising him - liked watching his eyes go wide, hearing his breath catch when he caught on to the plan.

Jensen started to shake his head, then paused. "Nothing too-" He dropped his gaze for a second. "I was thinking we could go harder tomorrow."

That was new. Jensen liked some pain, liked knowing he couldn't escape it, but he wasn't a masochist. "Were you?"

Jensen swallowed, and Jared knew it had to be tearing him up inside, to make an admission like that. "Yeah. I- yeah."

"I'll take it under advisement," Jared said, already plotting the next day's activities. Jensen had a rubber paddle that was supposed to hurt like a son of a bitch that Jared was itching to get his hands on. "Now lose the pants and get on the bed. On your back; grab the headboard."

Jensen complied at once, just as he always did, and Jared felt a rush of anxious heat. He was really glad he didn't have to share Jensen. Not now anyway, and, if he had his way, hopefully not ever. He took off his own clothes, found a bottle of lube, and climbed into place on top of Jensen, straddling Jensen's thighs.

"So good," he said, leaning over Jensen to cover Jensen's hands with his own. "Keep your hands here," he warned, "or I'll spend the whole day tomorrow making you regret it."

Jensen let out a small groan, and Jared had to grin. Jensen had terrible impulse control; it'd become one of Jared's favorite games to tell him to stay still and try to tease him into breaking. "I mean it," Jared added. "Don't move."

"Yes, sir," Jensen whispered, and Jared's dick throbbed. Jensen only called him 'sir' when he was seriously gone. No wonder he wanted a harder day tomorrow. He must have needed this bad.

"So good," he said again. He pressed a kiss to Jensen's lips, then sat back, repositioning so his dick lined up with Jensen's.

Jensen tensed at once. "Jared?"

"It's all right," Jared said, pouring lube into his palm then wrapping his hand around both of them. "Going easy on you tonight, remember?"

Jensen's hips flexed the second Jared touched his cock, and Jared responded with a squeeze just below the head that had Jensen wincing and crying out.

"I told you not to move," Jared said. He returned his hand to circle them both, giving their shafts a few good strokes to spread the lube around. "Don't come either."

Jensen made a frustrated little noise, but the twitching of his dick gave him away. He loved when Jared told him no.

"Tell me what you were thinking," he said as he started jerking them off, nice and slow. "About tomorrow."

"Jared." Jensen's hands tightened around the headboard - he was probably already fighting the urge to let go, try and touch himself or Jared.

"Tell me and I'll let you come," Jared said, speeding up enough to make Jensen worry about his ability to hold off.

Jensen sucked in a breath. "It's not- I don't-" He turned his head to the side, as though that would keep Jared from seeing him. "I like how it feels, after. The bruises."

Jared could see that. "Any preference?" he said gently.

Jensen closed his eyes. "I have a cane."

Oh holy shit. Jared had to stop moving his hand for a second. He had never even considered using a cane on Jensen. Had never dreamed Jensen would ask him to. "Yeah?" he said, because it was the most lucid response he could manage.

Jensen looked up at him, eyes wide. "Yeah."

"Okay." Jared started stroking their dicks again, quick and sure, while he tried to form a coherent thought. "I want you to come," he said, barely holding himself back from the edge. "And- tomorrow, I want to use your cane, and make you cry, and fuck you while you're crying and it hurts-" He stopped talking when he felt Jensen's cock pulse under his fingers, saw him arch his neck while he came all over his own stomach. Jared followed him over seconds later, propelled by the thought of Jensen's welts and uncontrollable sobs.

The orgasm barely helped; Jared still felt off-balance and anxious, excitement flitting under his skin. He wanted Jensen bent double and begging now, not later; didn't want to wait a whole restless day.

He came back to himself a bit when he looked down and saw Jensen quiet and cautious beneath him, waiting for a word that would let him relax. Jared smiled and leaned in for a kiss, prying Jensen's fingers from the headboard to tangle them with his own.

"Hey," he said when he pulled back enough to speak.

"Hey," Jensen said softly. Then, "dude, you weigh like three tons. I think my legs are asleep."

Jared laughed and climbed off the bed, grabbed a tissue for himself and threw another handful at Jensen. "I'm going to shower," he announced. "You should come. Or at least brush your teeth- your morning breath is rank."

Jensen threw a pillow at him but followed him into the bathroom a minute later, scrub pants once again hanging low on his hips.

"So," Jared said while he waited for the water to heat up. "Uh. Really?"

Jensen caught his eye in the mirror. "Yeah," he said. "Really."

"Okay. That- okay." Jared ducked into the shower, hoped the warm water would help him relax. He had no idea how else he was going to get to sleep tonight. Not when he knew what was waiting for him tomorrow.


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