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I get my kicks below the waistline, sunshine.

Sammy reading
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Fashionably late...
Am I the last person in the world to realize how brilliant The Hunger Games is? Ngh, fucking awesome. *dives into book two*



DON'T THINK I WON'T TAKE YOU UP ON THAT. Expect truly pathetic amounts of squeeing. I'm ready for more proactiveness. Oh, Katniss. And Peeta. And Gale. (I normally hate love triangles, but I'm all over this one. And I'm a sucker for pining, but for some reason I'm still a Gale girl.)

*gasp* They are? Does it look good? *wantssssssssssss*

Hahaha, YOU SHOULD! Oh man, I love those books. The last one...let me know what you think. In any case, it's just so nice to read about a strong female character. Aw, and I was a Peeta girl, through and through.

They totally are making a movie! I know next to nothing about it. It won't be released for years, I don't think, as they're still figuring out who they want to play the characters. Eek! I totally need a Hunger Games icon.

No, because it's on to to read shelf for after I finish The Reapers are the Angels by Alden Bell.

Ah, but you knew enough to put it on the shelf to begin with. Plus, you made the very intelligent move of not starting the trilogy until they'd all been published - I'd have died if I had to wait for the third one to come out!

And just the name of that book is making me want to put it on my list. Any good?

In all fairness it only went on my shelf last week and the third book's not quite out over here yet. We only had one copy of the first two in our library service though so I've warned the stock leader she might want to order more.

It was the title that attracted me. So far - it's really good. The narrative is really distinctive and easy to read and the world, which is kind of dystopian, is really interesting. Plus there's a wonderful strong female character that so far seems very well written and that's always a good hook for me.

There's a rather brilliant scene (though definately not pretty), right at the start set on a beach, but I don't want to spoil it in case you give it a try.

Never heard of it till now. Maybe I live under a rock lol. But I er... might have just ordered it. Thanks for the tip ^^.

lol, I doubt it, just I've had a few people recommend them to me so I didn't want to make a post saying "look at these awesome books I've discovered!" only to have people go "yes, we know, we read them two years ago." :P

But yay for you ordering it! It's really excellent, clever and well-executed, so you should enjoy it.