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Fic: "Leery, Loaded Up"

Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1,500
Summary: "Jared wasn't supposed to like this. He was supposed to be all straight-boy weird about it, screw his eyes shut and pretend he was getting blown by some pretty girl."

All in all, this whole "coming out" thing is going better than Jensen had expected. Jared's not punching him, or calling him names, or making jokes about his lips. He's mostly just frowning and looking a little hurt.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I-" Jensen looks into his near-empty beer glass. He really ought to have ordered a back-up. "I didn't want things to be uncomfortable, man. We're together enough without you having to worry that I'm going to hold you down and suck your dick, or whatever."

"Dude, I can bench press you," Jared says, rolling up his sleeve to flex one distressingly impressive arm, and Jensen tries not to think about all the things Jared could do to him.

"Yeah, well," he says, and finishes his beer. "You'd be surprised what straight guys will get worked up about."

"Because I'm just like every other straight guy," Jared says. He sits back and rubs his hands on his jeans. "All right, fine. Tell me you're not going to try to blow me, and then we can get back to watching the game."

"I'm not going to try to blow you," Jensen says, and suddenly he doesn't really feel like talking about this anymore. "Not unless you're hard up for a 3 a.m. booty call."

Jared laughs at that, loud and booming and the relief that floods through Jensen is only slightly tinged by disappointment. They're good, Jared's not freaked out or even fazed, and even if Jared doesn't have a confession of his own, Jensen can breathe easier around him. It's the best outcome he could have hoped for, really.

That's all they say on the subject for three months.


When Jensen gets the call, it's not three a.m. It's just past eleven, he's at a bar around the corner from his apartment, and Jared's supposed to be on a date.

"Hey," he says when he picks up, "what's going on, you okay?"

"Dude." Jared sounds tired, and kind of angry. "You would not believe what a cocktease this chick was. She came back to my place, right? And she was wearing this short little dress and sitting in my lap, but the second I tried to go up her skirt she freaked out. She left, wouldn't even let me drive her home."

Jensen sighs internally. Hearing about every one of Jared's failed romances is starting to get old. "You want to come out, get a drink? I'm at Joe's."

Jared's silent for a second. "Actually," he says at last, "I was wondering if maybe you'd come over."

Jensen's stomach clenches. "Uh."

"You said you would," Jared says, sounding unsure.

Jensen closes his eyes. His skin is hot and prickling and his dick is getting hard and he needs it all to stop so he can just think about this for a second. "I-" This is not a good idea. This is not a good idea. This is going to fuck with their friendship and make it even more difficult to watch Jared go off with some random girl every week. "Give me ten minutes?"

"Awesome. See you then." Jared hangs up, and Jensen hates himself a little.


When Jensen lets himself in, Jared's sprawled on the couch, wearing jeans and a sweater and a set to his jaw that makes Jensen want to do- whatever Jared wants him to.

"Hey," he says, resisting the urge to mock the soft core porn Jared's got on the TV, "rough night?"

"Dude, you have no idea. I am so fucking horny." Jared starts unbuckling his belt. "You don't mind, right?"

There are so many things wrong with that question, and Jensen would list them all if Jared weren't pulling his dick out of his pants. "No," he says instead, going to his knees between Jared's spread legs. "I don't mind."

Jared tips his head back on the couch. "Thanks, man. You're a lifesaver."

Jensen ignores the twisting in his gut because Jared's dick is right there, half-hard and waiting for Jensen to suck it. "Yeah," he says, wishing his mouth was a little less dry. He wants to make this good.

Jared seems happy to just sit back and let Jensen do his thing, so Jensen pulls his pants and boxer-briefs down a little further, baring Jared's fucking amazing hips. If he were sure Jared wouldn't find it too gay, Jensen would suck and bite them until Jared was covered in marks and begging Jensen to get him off. He's not sure though, so he settles for pressing a discreet kiss to the soft skin at the base of Jared's cock, then licking his way up to the tip.

"God," Jared sighs, "yeah."

Jensen smiles and leans in again, takes a minute to breathe in Jared's hot scent before giving him another long lick, then another and another until he's wet enough for Jensen's lips to slide over easily. When he finally pulls back, Jared's dick is fully hard, flushed red and shiny with spit and pre-come. Jensen's a little embarrassed by how badly he wants it in his mouth.

He doesn't rush it though; he wraps his hand around the base of Jared's cock and holds it there, feels the blood pulse under his fingers. He glances up at Jared, who has his eyes closed and looks completely relaxed, and wants so badly he forgets what he meant to do next.

Then Jared shifts his hips, impatient, and Jensen remembers.

Jared's cut, of course, smooth and perfect. Jensen closes his lips around the head, runs his tongue over the petal-soft skin, and a salty burst of pre-come fills his mouth.

"Fuck," Jared gasps. "Jen, that feels so good."

The bolt of arousal that hits Jensen is so strong it hurts, and he can't help moaning a bit, the sound muffled by the cock in his mouth.

"Yeah," Jared says. "God that's good."

Jensen has to take a second to breathe. Jared wasn't supposed to like this. He was supposed to be all straight-boy weird about it, screw his eyes shut and pretend he was getting blown by some pretty girl. He wasn't supposed to call Jensen by his name.

Before Jensen's got himself together, Jared lifts his hips, pushing his cock a little further past Jensen's lips. "Come on," he says, almost whining. "Just suck it."

Jensen's own dick twitches at Jared's insistence, and he has to reach down to relieve the near-painful pressure of his jeans.

"You can jerk off if you want," Jared says. "Just- come on."

Jensen can't resist, not now that he has Jared's- fuck, Jared's permission. He releases the hand he's had around Jared's cock to tear open his jeans, give his own dick a few urgent strokes.

"Goddamnit, Jensen." One of Jared's hands lands heavily on the back of Jensen's neck. "Is it okay if I-" he thrusts forward, holding Jensen's head in place while he forces his cock deep into Jensen's mouth.

Tears sting Jensen's eyes and he has to fight not to gag but he doesn't protest; he's happy to do this on Jared's terms, whatever they are. He relaxes his throat as much as he can and leans in, lets Jared go even deeper.

"Fuck, yeah." Jared spreads his legs wider, starts fucking Jensen's face for real, hard and fast and Jensen knows he has to be a red, slobbering mess. He doesn't care, not when Jared's moaning "God, Jen, so good at this," touching his face and inching closer and closer to coming in his mouth.

Jensen works his cock in time with Jared's thrusts, tries to wait for them to come together but he can't hold off much longer. He's got Jared's dick, fucking gorgeous Jared's fucking gorgeous dick, in his mouth, using him like a sex toy and liking it, getting off on it, getting off on Jensen-

Jensen comes, groaning, and Jared fucks him through it, says "yeah, Jen, knew you'd like it" and then he's coming too, spilling hot and salty down Jensen's throat.

"Well shit," Jared says once Jensen's pulled off, sat back on his heels. "Thanks man, I needed that."

Jensen wipes the spit and residual come from his face and neck. "Yeah," he says, "sure."

Jared tucks his dick back into his pants, then stretches out along the length of the sofa. He looks sleepy and soft and Jensen just wants to curl up with him. "I'm fucking beat. You gonna head out or take the couch?"

Jensen feels like something's gone missing in his chest. "Uh." Normally, he'd stay on the couch, sleep in til noon and spend the day with Jared, drinking beer and watching football. Normally, he wouldn't have Jared's come sitting in his stomach and staining his jeans. "I think I'm gonna head home."

Jared nods. "Okay man, call me tomorrow." He climbs to his feet, walks Jensen to the door. "Thanks again."

"Yeah," Jensen says as he walks out. He's not sure what else to say. Or what it says about him that he'd be okay with doing this again, pretty much whenever Jared wants.
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