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I get my kicks below the waistline, sunshine.

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'Meet Cute', part one!
Untitled Jared/Jensen porn, written for this spnkink_meme request: "Jared/Jensen - consensual D/s, Dom!Jared, bondage, toys, dirty talk. 'Meet Cute' at a hardcore underground bdsm sex club."

ETA: This turned into a series! One that probably needs (but does not yet have) an actual title. Links to the other parts:

Part One · Part Two · Part Three · Part Four · Part Five · Part Six · Part Seven · Part Eight ·(Ongoing)

Given he was a) between partners and therefore not planning on doing anything more than observing and b) a top, Jared had not imagined tonight's visit to the Playhouse would involve a trip to the house medic. But that's what happened when some braindead dickwad pushed you into an active demonstration on singletail techniques.

Jared was contemplating getting the jerk's membership revoked, or at least suspended - the whip fucking hurt, and if he'd been shorter it could have caught him in the face - when he caught sight of the guy sitting behind the desk in the clinic and decided to send a fruit basket instead. Or maybe a membership to one of those beer-of-the-month clubs. Something awesome, because the medic? Was smoking hot, with a fucking amazing mouth and a neck that just begged for a collar. Preferably one whose tag read Property of Jared Padalecki, back the hell off.

"Hi," the guy said, standing up and ushering Jared into the room. "Can I help you?"

How do you feel about blow jobs? Because I would find one of those very helpful. "Uh, yeah." Jared motioned towards his arm, where the whip had split his skin. "Just have to get cleaned up a bit, make sure I don't bleed on anyone." He smiled, and the medic smiled back.

"They do tend to frown on that. Health code violations and all," the medic said with a wink. "My name's Jensen. Have a seat and I'll take care of you."

"Jared," Jared said. He watched Jensen pull on a pair of latex gloves and added 'medical play' to his ever-growing list of kinks. Jensen had leather cuffs buckled around each of his wrists, which was even hotter than the gloves, and goddamn Jared was grateful for his tight jeans. "Thanks."

"Not a problem," Jensen said, leaning close and starting to clean off the trickles of blood. "It's my job."

"Your job is to hand out band-aids at a fetish club?" Jared laughed. "Man, I can't decide if that's awesome or sad. Do you ever get to play?" he asked, praying he didn't sound too hopeful.

Jensen grinned and blushed a little. "Yeah, of course. This isn't my day job, I just volunteer a few nights a week in exchange for a free membership. Tough to afford this place on a nurse's salary."

"You're a nurse?" Damn. That was so... respectable. "Do you get to wear the little white dress and stockings?"

"Only if you ask real nicely," Jensen teased, and Jared's dick throbbed. "Okay, watch out, this is going to sting a bit." He dotted some sort of antiseptic over the welt and Jared hissed. Jensen snickered. "Wuss."


"Nah, not really." Jensen wrapped some gauze around Jared's arm, taped it in place, and stepped back. "Okay, you're all set."

"Oh." Jared rose from his seat with reluctance. "Okay. Thanks man." He wasn't sure what to say; Jensen probably had someone waiting for him at home. "Maybe I'll run into you sometime."

Jensen rolled his eyes and snapped off his gloves, then tossed them in the wastebasket. "Or you could give me your number and we could do it on purpose."

Jared beamed at him. "Or we could do that."


Jensen called three days later. Jared muted the television and answered on the second ring. "So, what are you into?"

"What?" Jensen sputtered. "Jared?"

"Either that or the best phone sex operator in the state." Jared settled back on his couch. "Want to tell me what you're wearing?"

"Phone sex, huh?" Jensen's voice was soft and rough and Jared wanted to hear it say all sorts of filthy things. "Aren't you supposed to at least buy me dinner first?"

"I'll buy you dinner after. Come on, tell me what you like."

Jensen hesitated, and Jared's eyes went wide. "Oh my god, are you shy?" Jesus. That was really, stupidly, unfathomably hot.

"I'm not shy," Jensen insisted.

"You totally are." Jared felt a little bad, but he couldn't keep the smile off his face. "Dude, I met you at a sex club. You're not gonna shock me. Whatever you say, I'm probably into it."

Jensen chuckled. "Just for that, I should tell you I'm an adult baby."

Jared tried to picture it. The image didn't do much for him, but hey, to each their own. "If that's what gets you off," he said, though he hoped it wasn't.

"It's not," Jensen said, and Jared could hear the smile in his voice. Jensen was silent for another minute, then said, "I'm not shy. I'm just not used to playing with people I don't know."

"Well, what better way to get to know each other than talking about our secret kinks?" Jared wished they were having this conversation in person. Jensen probably looked so pretty, flushing pink with embarrassment. He'd have to get a repeat performance next time they saw each other.

"Jeez. What happened to the nervous guy in the clinic? You weren't even going to ask for my number."

"I didn't want to move on someone else's territory," Jared said.

"Did you see a collar on my neck?" Jensen asked, his voice low and dark.

"No," Jared growled. Not yet. "So stop pussyfooting around and tell me what you want me to do to you."

He heard Jensen suck in a breath. God. He really, really wished they were doing this in person.

"C'mon," he coaxed. "Tell me. You want me to tie you up?"

"Jesus," Jensen whispered. "Yeah."

"What with?" Jared cupped his hand around the growing hard-on in his jeans. "Rope? Cuffs?"

"Yeah. Anything. But not- no metal." Jensen took another shaky breath. "I like to pull on them. Like I'm not- like I'm not sure I want it, but I can't get away."

Fuck. Jared wondered if there was any way to get Jensen to come over right now. "You like it to hurt?"

"Some," Jensen said. "Clamps are good. Clothespins. Paddles."

Fuck it. Jared unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. "What else?" His cock was so hard, he nearly groaned when he finally pulled it free. "What else do you like?"

"I like to beg," Jensen said, so soft Jared could barely hear. "For you to stop, to let me come." His voice dropped, and Jared held his breath so he wouldn't miss a word. "And I like- I like you to ignore me, tell me no."

Goddamn. Jared had to wrap his hand around his dick; he thought he might die if he didn't come in the next thirty seconds. "That what you want?" he gasped as he stroked himself. "You want me to tie you up and use you, leave you hard and begging?"

"Fuck, yes." Jensen moaned, and Jared would bet he was doing the same thing as Jared: touching himself, working his way toward a stupidly intense orgasm.

"You gonna come?"

“"God, yeah. Haven't got off since the night I met you, been too sore. Nearly rubbed myself raw."

Jared knew the feeling. What were you thinking about, that night? Me fucking you, using you?"

"Yes- no. Not fucking me. You were..." Jensen trailed off, another moan escaping his throat.

Tell me," Jared demanded.

"Was on my knees, hands tied behind me, going down on you. Only my ass was stuffed with beads, and I could feel ‘em every time I moved."

Jesus. Jared let go of his dick and tugged on his balls; he didn’t want this to be over yet. "When are you gonna let me see you? When can I tell you no?"

"Whenever you want."

"Whenever I want?" Jared paused. "Even now?"

Jensen whined. "C’mon, let me-"

"If I told you no, would you stop?"


God, that was hot. Jared had played a lot of dominance games before, but he'd never had someone give him so much control over their body. "What if I told you to pick: either you come now, or when I see you again."

Jensen whimpered. "I don't- I don’t know."

"When do you want to come, Jensen?" Jared asked, much more steadily than he felt. "Now, or next time."

"Next time," Jensen admitted in a small voice. "When I see you."

"Good choice." Jared wanted to praise Jensen for that, run his fingers through Jensen’s hair and kiss his pouting lips. "I’ll make you feel so good, promise. Tie you, use you, make you beg. Bring some toys to fill you up."

"Jared," Jensen whined, his desperation clear. "Please."

Please. That one sound was better than any porn Jared had ever watched. He started jerking himself again, hard and fast, the way he'd fuck Jensen when he had him bent over and begging. "Soon," he promised, "soon." And then he came, Jensen’s pleas fading to the background as sticky-hot fluid covered his hand and stomach.

"Fuck," he said.

"Yeah," Jensen laughed. "So I guess the phone-sex thing wasn’t just a line, huh?"

"Guess not." Jared closed his eyes and rested his head on the back of the couch. He kind of wanted to go to bed, but he really didn't want to hang up. "And all for the low, low price of having dinner with me tomorrow night."

"Forget dinner," Jensen growled, and Jared grinned.

"Good idea."

Part two!

Holy fuck, that's hot. That phone call, out of the blue, and Jensen just giving Jared that much control so soon, so easily. *whimpers*

asdjslkjgsfkgeljekgsj. GUH.

Followed this on someone else's rec and whoa O_O nice.


THAT one baby is damn hot! Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

"If I told you no, would you stop?"


Sweet Jesus. djsfgjaafg! This hit several of my kinks (dom!Jared, begging!sub!Jensen, yes PLEASE) and there's more?! YESSSS.