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I get my kicks below the waistline, sunshine.

Boys in bed
coterminal coterminal
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This made my day

*draws hearts around all of them*

(Make sure to watch to the very end. Warning for awwwww!)

What awesome people.

Aren't they? I'm so taken with them all. They filled up his voicemail! *hearts*

Aww, you are such a sweetheart for the lj gift. Thank you! ♥

Awww, that's touching how much they're doing by something really pretty simple.

Plus on an entirely shallow note - Geez the one with her hair down is hot!

Isn't it? I've been smiling every time I think of it.

She is, isn't she? Has a very Kristin Stewart vibe going on. And some of the guys weren't bad, either.

She really is and yeah some of the guys were pretty cute too. I think I should move to Colorado XD

*happy feeling*

Hee, same here!