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I get my kicks below the waistline, sunshine.

Boys in bed
coterminal coterminal
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Meet Cute, part six!

Part six of my "Meet Cute" series. Follows directly after part five. (Sorry it took me a little while; I am so nervous about this part!)

Links to the whole series:

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Jared woke up freezing; apparently, Jensen hogged the covers. He stole back the sheet and grinned when Jensen scowled at him. "Hi," he said brightly. "I've never seen your cane."

Jensen blinked, then buried his face in the pillows. "Oh my god," he groaned. "You're like a walking biological imperative. Food and sex."

Jared's stomach growled. "Now you mention it, I could go for some breakfast." He looked over at the alarm clock. "Lunch."

Jensen raised his head enough to look at the clock as well, then groaned again. "Can you wait half an hour? I figured we could get nine holes in. We can eat at the club."

Jared was terrible at golf. Really epically horribly bad. "Sounds good." Hopefully this wouldn't be one of those courses where they cared about things like not hitting your ball onto the next fairway over.

Jensen narrowed his eyes. "If this waking me up thing is gonna be a habit, it needs to come with coffee."

Jared beamed at him. "I can do coffee."

"Prove it," Jensen said, pushing him off the side of the bed.

"All right, all right, I'm going," Jared said, making his way toward the kitchen. He was totally making this a habit.


"I think we need to have a conversation about appropriate date behavior," Jensen said when they got back to his place.

Jared put on his most innocent face. "What'd I do?"

"You know strip golf is not an actual game, right? Not even on a private course?"

Jared threw back his head and laughed. "That's good," he said, "because I would lose every time."

Jensen shook his head. "God. I'm never taking you out in public again."

"Eh, public is overrated," Jared said with a shrug. "Besides, it's not like I need to impress you."

The look Jensen sent him was trying really hard to be unamused, but failing. "I'm not that much of a sure thing, you know."

"Yeah, you are," Jared said. "Unless you've got someone else to use that cane on you."

Jensen went stock-still, his quick inhale the only noise in the otherwise silent room. They hadn't talked about it all day, save a few suggestive motions with Jared's seven-iron, but now they were here, where it was going to happen, Jared could feel the anticipation crackling around them.

"Come here," he said, hooking his fingers in Jensen's belt loops to bring him in close. "You want to do this now, or later?"

Jensen rested his head on Jared's shoulder. "Now's good. Long as you know I'll be basically useless for the rest of the day."

Jared pressed a kiss to his temple. "You act like I need you conscious to use you," he said, and Jensen snorted. "Come on."

Jensen's room wasn't any tidier than it had been the night before, but that served Jared's purposes perfectly. He stripped the blankets and pillows from the bed and tossed them aside, then beckoned Jensen over. "How do you like to do this?"

"Um." Jensen folded his hands together, one thumb brushing the bare skin of his opposite wrist. "I'm not- really good at holding still."

Like Jared didn't know that already. Jensen could barely keep still for a blowjob; no way was Jared going to expect it for something like this. He knelt down to pull Jensen's toy box out from under the bed. "Hands and feet?"

"Yeah," Jensen said, "please."

Jared was never going to get tired of Jensen say that word. "Okay." He picked two sets of restraints and threw them on the bed. "Anything else?" Jensen shook his head. "All right." Jared pushed the box under the bed again, then stood up. "Get me the cane."

Jensen only hesitated for a second before retrieving the cane from the top shelf of his closet, then walking it over to Jared.

It was dark rattan, stiff where Jared was used to having a bit of flex and play, but at least it was thick enough he didn't have to worry too much about drawing blood. He pretty much never wanted to make Jensen bleed. "Why do you keep it in the closet?"

"I don't want anyone thinking it's on the menu," Jensen said. "I, uh. Don't use it very often."

"How often is not very often?" Jared asked, adjusting his grip to find the most comfortable hold and taking a few practice swings.

It took Jensen long enough to answer that Jared looked up from his new toy, brows knitted. "Jensen?"

"Two and a half years," Jensen said. "Give or take."

"Two...?" That wasn't Jensen having only the occasional urge to satisfy. That was Jensen going without. "Why?"

"I told you," Jensen said, hands in his pockets and eyes on Jared's like it was taking everything in him to keep them there. "I'm kind of- out of it. After."

Jared had never seen Jensen out of it. Not like that. He'd seen Jensen pushed to the point of oblivion, ignorant of everything but his own need and Jared's name, but never just- gone. It was just one more piece of Jensen that Jared didn't even know he wanted until it was almost his.

"Well," he said, taking the cane in both hands so he wouldn't do something to ruin the mood, like tackle Jensen to the ground and kiss him 'til he ran out of air, "it's a good thing I'll be here to take care of you, huh?"

Jensen smiled softly. "Yeah."

Jared was almost - almost - tempted to delay this, put it off for a time when his dick and his brain and his heart weren't pulling him in all different directions. But Jensen was asking for it now, and if there was one thing Jared couldn't do, it was say no to Jensen. Well. When they weren't playing, at least.

"Get naked," he said. At least he could put Jensen on sure footing.

As expected, Jensen sprung into motion at Jared's word, started peeling off his clothes and piling them on the floor. He wasn't hard, not yet, but Jared figured the leather he'd be buckling around Jensen's wrists would fix that.

"Hey." He cupped one hand around Jensen's neck, brushed his thumb over the stubble Jensen hadn't bothered to shave off that morning. "I need you to try to tell me if you've had enough, okay? I don't want to push you too far."

Jensen licked his lips. "Okay."

"Good boy." Jared kissed him quickly, then pulled his hand away. "Lie down. On the right side."

Stretched out on the bed, Jensen looked relaxed enough, but when Jared wrapped the first cuff around Jensen's wrist Jensen let out a sigh like he'd been holding it in all day.

"You good?" Jared asked as he slid the leather through the buckle.

"Mmm," Jensen hummed, "yeah." He looked almost sleepy, content to his core, and Jared was an idiot. Of course bondage made Jensen feel safe. He cuffed Jensen's other wrist and bound them both to the headboard, then moved to the foot of the bed to tie Jensen's feet as tightly as he dared.

When he was finished, he ran one hand over the length of Jensen's body - calf, thigh, ass, back - capping his exploration with a kiss to Jensen's shoulder. No use waiting any longer; Jensen didn't have a tense muscle in him.

Jared picked up the cane. "Yellow if you need to," he said, getting into just the right position, and then he laid the first strike.

It wasn't hard, just a brisk snap of his wrist across the meatiest part of Jensen's ass, but Jensen gasped and jerked hard against the restraints.

"Hey." Jared spread his hand over Jensen's lower back, not pressing, just gentling. "You can move, but don't fight, okay? You want this today. You want me to hurt you."

Jensen nodded, face rubbing against the sheets, and inhaled deeply. When he was calm, Jared brought his arm back so he could get a look at the mark he'd left. It wasn't bad, about as pink as a good slap would have left it, but he knew Jensen had to have felt it all the way down.

His second strike was a little lower than the first, though no harder, and when Jensen cried out but didn't move an inch Jared couldn't resist the urge to lay a kiss on his hip. "Perfect," he murmured, then stood to land the next blow.

Jensen finally flinched on the sixth strike, tried to shift himself up and out of the way. "Fuck," he whimpered into the mattress. "Fuck that hurts."

"I know," Jared said, tracing one of the pink stripes across Jensen's ass. It was going to be a shame to destroy the neat pattern, but it would be even more of a shame to stop now. "Hold on baby, it's gonna get worse."

The next set wasn't any harder, but he couldn't help overlapping the lines he'd already drawn, turning Jensen's ass and upper thighs a rainbow of red and pink interspersed with slips of white. Jensen shouted and swore through them all, gripping tight to the tethers tying him down, and when Jared landed number twelve just below the swell of his ass his "Jesus fuck" reverberated off the walls.

"Shh," Jared said, setting down the cane beside Jensen. "Taking a break." He trailed his fingertips down Jensen's sweat-tacky back, then over his spanked-pink skin, smiling to himself when Jensen whined and pushed his hips into the bed. "Hurt?"

"Yeah," Jensen said, pushing down again, and this time Jared got it.

"You're so easy," he said, sliding his hand under Jensen's stomach to tease his trapped erection. "You going to come like this? Rubbing off on the bed while I hit you?"

"Jared," Jensen said, the word colored with pain and frustration.

"It's okay if you do," Jared said, pulling his hand away. He traced his knuckles over the darkest of the welts on Jensen's ass. "You want me to keep going like this, or harder?" He wished he knew enough to take control like he normally did, so Jensen could just let go. Maybe next time.

Jensen drew in a deep, shuddering breath. "Harder."

Jared nodded, even though he knew Jensen couldn't see it. "Okay."

He struck and held on the next one, let the ache penetrate as deep as possible, and Jensen's cry sounded like it was being ripped right out of him.

"Wait," Jensen said, panting. "Just- wait." He braced his forehead against the mattress, inhaled quick and then more slowly, like he was trying to find the best way to process the pain. "All right," he finally said, turning his head to the side and going lax against the bed. He wasn't crying yet, but Jared had no doubt that would change soon.

Sure enough, two hits later the tears started to fall, streaming down Jensen's face in the wake of a scream.

"I can't," Jensen sobbed, choking on the words, "I can't, Jared-"

"You can," Jared said, soothing a hand down his shaking side. "If you want to, you can." He knelt down so his face was level with Jensen's. "Do you want to?"

Jensen stared at him for a long, long moment, eyes wet and lungs heaving. "Yes."

"Yeah, you do," Jared agreed, leaning in to kiss Jensen's lips. "I'm going to give you three more, okay? Just three, and then you're done."

"Three more," Jensen repeated to himself, and he looked so grateful to give himself over, let Jared make the rules, that Jared had to kiss him again.

He gave Jensen the three he'd promised, harder than all the rest had been. Jensen wailed after each one, soaking the sheets beneath him with tears and spit, and the dark, sadistic part of Jared wanted to mete out another dozen just to watch Jensen scream and beg his way through them.

But Jensen had had enough, more than Jared would have ever asked him to take, so Jared set the cane aside. "You're so good," he said, kissing Jensen's wet cheeks. "Gonna fuck you now."

He tore off his own clothes as fast as he could, then disconnected Jensen's ankles from the foot of the bed so he could spread Jensen's legs apart. It would have been even better to put Jensen on his knees, let him feel the stretch and burn on his taut skin, but there was no way Jensen was capable of holding himself up. Though Jared had no doubt he would try, if Jared asked.

Jensen was still crying, but it was muted now, tapering off. And when Jared started fingering him open, cold lube against his hot skin, Jensen's "Oh!" and slow, contented sigh held nothing but relief and pleasure.

Jensen didn't need much prep; his body wasn't even trying to keep Jared out. Jared rolled on a condom and climbed on top of him, pushed his way into Jensen's body, and he swore he could feel Jensen's raised welts against his hips.

"Hurts," Jensen whispered when he was all the way inside.

Jared bit gently at the space between Jensen's neck and shoulder. "I know, baby." He pulled out about an inch, then slid inside again. "You want me to stop?"

"Don't stop," Jensen said, voice rough and hitching on each of Jared's downstrokes. "Don't stop, don't stop, don't..." He trailed off, a few new tears leaking down his face.

Jared stopped long enough to check that Jensen wasn't hard; he wasn't expecting him to be, not after play that intense, but Jared didn't want to miss the opportunity to get him off, make this as good for Jensen as it was for him. Next time, he promised himself. Next time, he'd keep things on the light side for ages, have Jensen bucking against the bed and begging, coming all over himself...

That image - caning Jensen until he came, holy shit - did it, tipped him over the edge. He pushed himself as deep as he could into Jensen's ass as he came, forcing another shout from Jensen's mouth, and Jared almost wished he could feel what Jensen was feeling, understand exactly what Jensen had let him do.

He stayed there for a while, forehead resting against the back of Jensen's neck while he took in Jensen's heat, his scent- everything he could get. He finally moved when it became too difficult to hold himself up, though he only went far enough to stretch out next to Jensen instead of on top of him.

"Hi," he said when Jensen's eyes finally fluttered open. He looked up at Jensen's still-bound wrists. "Want me to let you go, or not yet?"

Jensen frowned. "You're staying?"

"Of course I'm staying." Like Jared was going anywhere right now.

Jensen closed his eyes again and a smile crept over his face. "'Kay."

Jared took that to mean 'Okay, please untie me and then pull me into your arms for some cuddling,' so that's exactly what he did, releasing the tether attached to Jensen's cuffs and then maneuvering Jensen so he was tucked up against Jared's side, head resting on Jared's chest.

"Mmm," Jensen said, relaxing in Jared's arms. "You should stay."

Jared chuckled, trying not to shake Jensen's head too much, and ruffled Jensen's hair. "I already told you I'm staying," he said. "I-" love you, he had the sudden, overwhelming urge to say, but swallowed it down. Not like this. "-have to make you breakfast in bed for killing me on the course," he finished instead.

"Oh yeah." Jensen laid his arm across Jared's stomach. "You're gonna be hungry 'fore that."

Jensen was probably right; it'd been a good four hours or so since he'd eaten, his stomach was due to start making noise any time. But he had Jensen lying on him - fucked-out, blissed-out, warm and happy Jensen - and getting food would mean leaving that behind.

"Nah," Jared said, craning his neck to kiss the top of Jensen's head, "I'm good."



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I am so glad that you continued this 'verse. I just so loved your take on my 'Meet Cute' at a hardcore underground BDSM Sex club prompt. You did such a great job - I love you scene players Jared and Jensen and how they fell for each other.

Again thanks so much for filling my prompt.

Aw, yay! I'm glad you're still following (even though I go months between updates) and that you're still liking it! I've had so much fun with this verse, thank you for the awesome prompt. ♥

Yay, that was brilliant - no need to worry. I love how much trust Jensen has in Jared and that he doesn't usually trust so easily. I think that's one of the aspects that makes this feel so grounded. And *squishes Jared* for his almost confession.

Oh, thank you! I was in knots, I can't even tell you, so that's lovely to hear.

And hee, I want to squish Jared nearly constantly. *g*

(no subject) - kendas, 2010-09-20 05:50 pm (UTC)(Expand)
That was really hot. I just love the trust between them, that Jensen gives himself over so completely.
Great writing, as always!

(PS: There's a "yellow" in there that should be "yell" I think.)

Thank you so much! I'm so happy to hear that. :D

(lol, that actually is supposed to be "yellow" - red and yellow are pretty common safewords meaning "stop" and "slow down" respectively. But thank you for pointing it out, I might change it just because I don't want to confuse anyone else. ♥)

(no subject) - tanpopo03, 2010-09-20 08:26 pm (UTC)(Expand)
(no subject) - coterminal, 2010-09-20 11:38 pm (UTC)(Expand)
Love the boys :). Hope you continue.

Thank you! I am sure I will continue, as soon as the inspiration strikes. :D

Have I commented on this 'verse before? Don't remember. Just thought I should tell you that this is growing into one of my favorite RPS series. I saw that you updated and got really bouncy. So yeah. Keep going!

I don't know, but even if you did I probably didn't respond to it (I was pretty bad at that when I first started posting) so we'll call it a draw. ;-)

But aw, thank you so much! That's so sweet, I'm totally blushing now. I'm delighted you've been enjoying the verse so much, and I will definitely keep going whenever the inspiration strikes. ♥

I like how you bookended this with Jared and food, only he chooses Jensen over eating the second time. I also like that we know Jared's feelings pretty clearly but that Jensen's are starting to sneak in around the cracks. He so clearly trusts Jared very deeply. I like your slow progression, while simultaneously putting so much on the line for these guys.

Well, you have to figure Jared needs to eat nearly constantly, so choosing someone over food is almost a declaration of love in and of itself. *g*

It's a fun challenge, trying to show some of what Jensen is feeling, so I'm glad all that is coming through. Thank you for all the feedback. :D

Hhhhnnnggg. Jesus. This whole set is so sexy and funny and sweet and smokin' hot. I love their dynamic: caring and trusting and spicy all at the same time. UNF. Seriously awesome.

Aw, thank you so much! I'm just delighted to hear how much you liked these. Yep, their dynamic is my favorite thing about writing this series - why pick between flirty banter and kink when you can have both?

Thank you again! ♥

Mmm, this is marvelous. I'm so glad to have found it today--and I will be looking forward to more!

Oh, thank you! I'm so glad you've found it as well. *g* I will try to have more soon!

I really felt Jared's thrill, when he realized how deeply Jensen was trusting him, with that cane he didn't put on the menu because it sent him so deep. I really enjoyed this series, thank you!

Oh, I'm so glad to hear that! I was hoping that would come across as the significant moment that it is. I'm so happy you've enjoyed the series. And thank you for all the comments as you read, they were a delight to see in my inbox. ♥

Oh that was fabulous (here from Wendy's rec *g*). Adored the dynamics between them and how caring they were of each other.

Completely and utterly HOT as well. (and considering I'm really a bottom!Jared gal... that's sayin' something! :D)

I'd love to see this continued. I'll set up a track just in case you do...


Thank you so much! Such lovely things to say, especially coming from a bottom!Jared girl. *g* Yeah, their dynamic is criminally fun to write. I'll certainly be writing more, though I can't guarantee exactly when, so it's a good thing you've set up the tracking.

Thank you again!

Hi. I read this and just had to comment. I've enjoyed all the parts, but this one blew me away. You just captured the necessary give and take in this relationship wonderfully. So often, I read this type of story (because it's my thing : ) and it doesn't ring true to me. There's usually a lot of people stepping into roles - being too harsh, too demeaning, too demure, etc - and while that has its place, it's not always realistic to someone living with these needs/compulsions. This part expresses so well someone who needs something he isn't fully comfortable with needing. (Kind of referring to both characters...)

On a more tangible level - I loved the way you expressed Jen needing Jay to make him cry - just, yes. And, finally, I almost swooned when I read this line - "Hold on baby, it's gonna get worse." Seriously, swooned. The tenderness and obvious love in this statement given the setting and the domination and pain is such a mindfuck, but that's what makes it perfect. It's so weird when you're in that moment, and you hate what's happening to you (what you're letting happen, begging for even), but you love it and just ache for it at the same time.

This reply got really out of hand, but suffice it to say, I'm impressed, and I really loved this part. You really had nothing to be worried about.

*squeak* this is PERFECT. ♥ You should totally write more ;)

Wait. Did Jensen come. Did Jared make him come?

There is more of this to come right?! Right???
Pretty please with Jared on top?

Oh please more!!!!!!

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