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Rarepair recs

Did you guys know there was a rare pair exchange going on at spnrarepairs? I didn't (and I think it might be over-ish?), but wow, have there been some fantastic fics posted.

What's Mine is Yours to Make Your Own, by lovedbythesun
Dean/Jess, 6,000 words, NC-17
Summary: Dean looks after his brother's girl. Jess looks after him.
My thoughts: This had a soft, sad-but-working-on-happy feel to it that I loved. (Plus I love any permutation of Sam, Jess, and Dean) I do wish it were longer so we could see more of the story play out, but as it stands it's a lovely look at what would have happened if Jess had been saved from the fire rather than Sam.

Passenger, by scorpiod1
Sam/Adam, 5,000 words, R
Summary: Sam’s brother is dead. Adam’s mom is dead. Together, they try to cope and survive, despite their massive issues. AU from No Rest For the Wicked.
My thoughts: Sam/Adam isn't a pairing I usually read, but I really liked the premise (Ruby tracks down Adam after Dean's taken to Hell) so I gave it a shot and I'm so glad I did. It's a heartbreaking look at Sam without Dean, for one thing, coupled with an incredibly sympathetic Adam who no longer has a place in the world other than with this guy he happens to be related to. And it's really well written, in a way that makes me want to hug the author and then take a few notes. :D

From the Inside, by twoskeletons
Dean/Alastair, 2,400 words, R
Summary: Set between 4x10 and 4x15. "Oh, my boy. Did you really think I'd let you go so easily?"
My thoughts: So, okay, I love Dean/Alastair. It's my non-con OTP. And this is just the most perfectly disturbing example of it (and exactly what I would have liked to see in mid-season 5 canon). Choice quote (aka the one that gave me shivers): "Tell me no, and we'll cut the yes out of you all over again." *does happy sadist dance*

Changeover, by micawbish
Dean/OMC, 1,500 words, R
Summary: Dean gets mistaken for a hooker and goes with it.
My thoughts: Hooker!Dean is always awesome, okay? But especially awesome here. The author uses a sparse, stripped-down snapshot style that I really like, and I finished the fic not knowing whether to feel happy or sad, which makes me want to read it over and over again until I decide on one (I'm leaning towards happy at the moment).

Go reeeeeeeeead!
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